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Solace Bank Online Banking Software

Solace Bank online banking software remains the world-leading digital banking white-label

Solace Bank online banking software remains the world-leading digital banking white-label with the most compelling user interface and a unique user experience that thrills your audience and yourself.

Since we have seen tech solutions fail because they do not prioritize users, our engineers have taken all their time to design a system that works perfectly for users from all walks of life.

The initiative is building and designing banking software that gives users a seamless banking experience. In this context, the administrator and the end-user are our target audiences. That’s why we have also designed the software to allow administrators to manoeuvre through the entire platform easily.

The system is also designed to adapt to whatever device is used. When your device gains access to the platform, it adjusts screen size and ensures that the layout and functionality suit the device or the operating system used to access the platform.

Our online banking platform also allows for multiple administrator accounts in case administrators have different roles, allowing for easy management across the platform. All user settings and end-user permissions can be set at the administrative level. The platform also allows for seamless customer categorization; options for private and corporate accounts offer your clients more options to work with.

As a platform designed for the future, we currently utilize all available technologies for digital banking; we currently support over 30 currencies through the European Central Bank feed for reference rates. Administrators can add any currency module they desire.

The platform also supports the integration of cryptocurrency or any form of digital legal tenders. Our platform also allows for third-party integration through our extensive API.

We also offer White-label services, allowing you to customize the platform to suit your needs completely. IOS and Android applications are also available for mobile devices. You can customize the logo, colour, and administrative settings.

To properly understand how to customize the platform, you can watch our corporate video explaining how to do so and access our DEMO page to see how it works. 

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